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Our Digital Champions / Digital Leaders

Digital Champions / Digital Leaders

Our Digital Champions / Digital Leaders have a very important role in school. They help us to keep safe online, use digital tools safely and in a way that makes our learning better.


What do we do?

As Digital Champions / Digital Leaders, we have the following job description::


  • To promote the use of Digital Technology to enhance teaching and learning;
  • Share our Digital Vision for the school;
  • Teach others how to stay safe online;
  • Provide training for pupils, teachers, parents / carers and governors;
  • Monitor, evaluate and report to governors, parents / carers and pupils on how Digital Technology is used in school;
  • Research latest technology and decide what we invest in;
  • Maintain and update equipment.


You can find out all about the work of our Digital Champions / Digital Leaders in this section and what their priorities are for the upcoming year!

Our Digital Champions


Our Digital Leaders

Digital Competence Framework (DCF)

Please click on the link below to visit the Digital Competence Framework online.

Digital Competence Framework - Hwb (

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