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Meithrin - Dosbarth Penrhyn - Miss Williams

This week, in Forest School we’ve been den building.

We’ve been looking at what objects sink and float.

In Forest School, we looked at symmetry using loose parts.

We’ve designed a T-Shirt for Mr Urdd!

We’ve looked at symmetry using our Gingerbread Men.

We’ve been on a bear hunt in Forest School!

We’ve used block paints, to paint our pictures in the style of Martin Evans.

We have been to visit Erddig. We really enjoyed our trip!

In Forest School, we have been doing some bark rubbing using charcoal.

We’ve been looking at where different foods come from.

We’ve made a Gingerbread Man story map.

We’ve been drawing Daffodils using pastels in Forest School.

We’ve been practising our Welsh National Anthem!

We’ve been painting Daffodils using block paints.

We’ve been using our senses in Forest School!

We’ve been practising our writing patterns!

The children have been practising recognising their names!

We’ve been learning our Welsh colours!

We had a visit from PC Stu

The children were doing writing pattern activities

Today, we’ve been on a mini beasts hunt in our forest school.

We have painted some Gingerbread Men and then decorated them this week.

We’ve been sorting the sequencing of the Gingerbread Man story this week.

We’ve been focussing on our number 2 in forest school.

We’ve been matching young’s and their mum’s this week.

The children have been working on sequencing.

The children have been ordering numbers this week.

We’ve been painting sticks in forest school today.

We’ve been practising our alphabet outside this week on the yard

The children had fun exploring the outside classroom.

The children have been discussing Christmas and Advent as a class!

The children had a great time visiting the book fair at school!

The children have been doing craft related to their class book - The Little White Owl

The children had a great time doing activities for Children in Need!

We've been practising our racing skills!

We have been using Rugby balls and hoops during PE.

We looked around school for anything blue. We found some lovely flowers!

We’ve listened to what noises we could hear inside and outside of school.

Tuesday, we went through the school and decided our favourite place.

Monday, we walked around the school collecting leaves and flowers to create collages.

We’ve had fun racing each other in PE!

We’ve been playing with our parachutes on the yard!

We’ve been creating Robots from big loose parts last week.

We have been painting Candinsky circles in Art.

We’ve been investigating different textures.

We’ve been finding and exploring different areas of school as part of our 12 Wonders of Gresford.

The children have been enjoying listening to Composer of the Week - Elton John

On Wednesday, the children were working with artist Chris Gilbert to draw their favourite things about school.

This week, the children have been drawing pictures of the old toys from Chester Grosvenor Museum.

We have been practising writing our names using chalk on the outside area.

We have been enjoying Dough Disco this week.

The children enjoyed exploring old toys provided to us by Chester Grosvenor Museum.

The children enjoyed listening to our ‘Composer of the Week’ Stevie Wonder.

Illustration of Children playing infront of All Saints School building

With respect, friendship and care, we learn here and succeed anywhere.