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Derbyn - Dosbarth Chirk - Mrs Speed

We have been creating symmetrical patterns using different parts & materials.

This week, we’ve used numicon for our number bonds.

World Book Day 2022!

We’ve been using Bee-Bots to map out the Gingerbread Man story!

We’ve been using numicon for addition and subtraction!

We’ve been playing games to help us learn our tricky words!

We have made our own Tallies and Independently spotting birds.

We have been working on recognising coins and putting them in order.

We have been learning about 3D Shapes and sorting them into groups.

We have been to our Wonder of Gresford, which is Gresford Park. We looked at it first on Google maps, did our drift walk and worked in pairs to create our own maps.

We explored camouflage in the forest school by hiding different coloured caterpillars for the white owl to find. We discovered green ones were the hardest to find!

We discovered something amazing in the forest school. A little white owl had arrived with a book. So we all sat together outside with our Hot Chocolate listening to the story.

The children enjoyed Old Socks Day and participated in lots of different activities!

In maths, we have been learning about doubling and halving numbers using numicons and counters.

Reception enjoyed another trip to the library and listened well to a story.

We have been having a wonderful time in our Teddy Bear’s Picnic area.

So proud of how sensible Reception were on their sponsored walk this morning. Well done everyone!

The children have been using iPads to recognise odd and even numbers.

The children have made amounts using a selection of coins.

We have been planning our own stories!

We have been researching toys from the past by designing a questionnaire!

Here the children are telling their news to their talking partners, then they wrote their news in their new books.

Home Learning Challenges for week beginning 18th January 2021

We designed and made Christmas tree decorations from salt dough.

Children made a rocket from 3D shapes.

Activities and links to websites during our school closure.

The children have been discussing how to rescue the characters from the ice.

We have been retelling the story of The Little White Owl.

We have been looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction books.

We looked at how many things weigh the same as one toy bird. We then counted the objects. Some children made a simple bar chart.

We watched footage of a bird building a nest. We then used different materials to build our own nests.

To build a boat and discover whether it floats or sinks.

To begin to count reliably up to five everyday objects.

Illustration of Children playing infront of All Saints School building

With respect, friendship and care, we learn here and succeed anywhere.