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Our Curriculum Vision


At  Ysgol yr Holl Saint - All Saints’ School we are committed to providing a curriculum which is underpinned by the Four Purposes and aligned to the Curriculum for Wales 2022.  Our curriculum is bespoke to All Saints’ school: it is rich in learning within our locality,  with current global issues and it adheres to our Christian values.  We aim to develop our learners to be respectful of our world, be curious, enquiring, and able to think critically about their learning.  They will encounter themes and topics which will be meaningful, inspiring, engaging, nurturing and celebratory.




Experiences and enquiry will drive the curriculum and give opportunities for learners to develop skills which will enable them to be effective learners today, in further education, employment or training in the future.


Our curriculum goes beyond a series of lessons: it is everything learners experience in pursuit of the Four Purposes; a multi-disciplinary approach where links are made to many of the Areas of Learning and Experience underpinned by cross-curricular and integral skills.


Curriculum Rationale











Curriculum for Wales

The curriculum in Wales is changing. The Curriculum for Wales launches in September 2022. Find out more in the video below.

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With respect, friendship and care, we learn here and succeed anywhere.