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Blwyddyn 6 - Dosbarth Bodelwyddan - Miss Jones

Pupils are working on a real-life task. They have been given the challenge to research favourite sandwiches and sell them at a music festival: Gres-fest. Pupils will complete market research; price up quality ingredients; design company names, logos and slogans; make a presentation to the 'organisers'; work out profit margins. Who will win the contract to supply the sandwiches for Gres-fest?

Pupils have been learning about different ways to pay for things during Money Week.

Pupils have been exploring our beautiful church to find our general and unique features of it. They are making an interactive map using ThingLink.

Pupils have enjoyed having TechnoCamps in to work in coding.

Pupils have really enjoyed working on the F1 project again today. They have made the chassis, engine house and made more designs for the body of the car. 🏁

We have been studying this poem in English lessons this week. Pupils were appalled by it when I read it to them. The opinions generated were fantastic. They much preferred it when they read from the bottom to the top. A great poem by Brian Bilston - very clever 😊

To begin all topics and to let pupils have a greater influence on their learning, we have introduced Discovery Days. Pupils learn bit of knowledge to help them generate questions for further learning. Yesterday we learned a lot of the plight of refugees. Today they learned about groundbreaking journeys that people have accomplished.

On Monday 24th January, we will be starting our new 'Teithiau Pwysig' topic.

We have attempted something new today. We have made some exploding books to showcase our work on Climate Change. Pupils are trying really hard to keep their work neat and tidy. Can’t wait to see what they look like when they are finished!! 🙌🏽

This morning we have started our STEM project ‘Formula 1 in Schools’. Over the coming weeks we will be working on Mondays to design a car that we will race in a school championship. The winners will then go on to regional finals and then nationals.

As part of our Christmas craft, pupils have been making Macramé snowflakes: using measuring and creative skills to make something special for the Christmas tree.

Pupils were fortunate to ring out some peals.

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We have been learning about the Gresford Bells as part of our work on the 12 Wonder of Gresford. Pupils were lucky enough to ring the bells and see them up in the tower.

We are completing work for advent based on the Church in Wales' scheme Taith Adfent. During week one, we discussed what advent means to us and how Mary and Joseph had a difficult journey to Bethlehem and then onto Egypt.

In science pupils have been finding out about the greenhouse effect in preparation for a scientific investigation.

Enquiry question 2 - Why does Climate Change matter to me? We looked at how climate change affects people globally and pupils considered how extreme weather might affect us in our locality.

We have been working on developing enquiry skills in humanities. Question 1 was “What is Climate Change?” Pupils looked at photos and news stories to write their own conclusions about what climate change is.

The children have been putting together 5 questions in a group. They have been acting out scenes about their class book “The Last Bear”, they have been playing parts of a reporter interviewing April.

We have been creating a webpage using Adobe Spark in Hwb. Pupils are adding in pictures, text, videos and links to other webpages to their work.

Pupils have been enjoying a trip to the 80s by learning Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi.

Following a parental questionnaire about the 'proposed housing development' at Maes Y Pant, pupils created infographics using the findings.

Assessment for learning in Science using Explore, Engage, Extend activities. Today we were looking at properties and changes of materials.

Remembering the 22nd September 1934: the day of the Gresford Colliery Disaster. 266 men died due to an explosion in the Dennis section of the coal mine.

Here is a copy of our overview for the Climate Change topic we are completing this term.

How important are trees to our environment? Pupils have measured the circumference of a variety of trees at Mass y Pant to work out how much carbon is stored in them. They also looked at how much CO2 was emitted when going through daily activities.

Our climate change topic. We have been critically evaluating how different people would be affected if our local woodland area was cut down to make way for a new affordable housing development. Pupils understand that people will have different opinions.

Back to school and straight into an enquiry about a 'proposed housing development' at Maes y Pant. Pupils were to eager to discuss their opinions about cutting down an established woodland for houses. Great discovery days for our topic on Climate Change. To enhance maths skills we measured a 10m square to count trees in order to find an approximation of how many trees would potentially be cut down.

Autumn Term 2021

Learning about food chains and webs in the grasslands of Patagonia.

Pupils have been sketching the All Saints’ Church tower, which houses the Gresford bells.

We have launched a whole school topic - The Twelve Wonders of Gresford. Our wonder is the Gresford Bells. We have completed lots of humanities work around this wonder.

We have been finding out about biomes and which biome covers Patagonia. We hope you like our work on the Patagonian grasslands: the pampas.

Pupils have been designing scientific investigations based on the conditions plants need to grow. They have been identifying their variables today also.

Pupils have been learning about the life cycle of a flowering plant. They have been able to present their work creatively.

We have been learning where the passengers, who travelled to Patagonia on the Mimosa, originally came from. We used Digimaps for Schools to plot the information.

This morning, the children enjoyed taking part in PE. The bad weather didn’t stop us from having fun!

Last Friday, the children enjoyed completing different outdoor activities which focused on areas of the curriculum. Fun was had by all involved!

16.4.21 Today we brought the outdoors into our class. A pond in a tank has been created to see the lifecycle of a frog. Our tadpoles have pond water from where they lived, rocks with algae and a filter to keep the water clean.

16.4.21 We have been working on meaningful maps. Pupils have been thinking about the places that they found helped with their well-being during the last lockdown. It helps to understand how places can make a big difference in our lives.

16.4.21 Fridays are days when we will focus on times tables. Pupils have 20 mins on each activity: working with the teacher on speed retrieval and fluency of multiplication and division, Times Tables Rockstars and the Seven Puzzle. Knowing multiplication facts help with so much in mathematics!!

Pupils have been learning about animal classification groups and what characteristics each group has. They have worked collaboratively to make a Jamboard. Next they will teach each other about the animal groups.

Heading out on a Geography Drift Walk. We took photos of green things within our environment that we usually do not notice.

Looking for different ways to practice times tables.

In science and technology this week, we have looked at what we know already and if there are any gaps in our learning that we need to address. We will be studying classification of animals.

We used measuring skills to find out an approximate size of the Mimosa. Children were surprised by how long and narrow the ship was. However, this was typical for a clipper to move quickly.

Pupils have been drawing their own images of the Mimosa Clipper in our study of Patagonia.

BACK TO SCHOOL!! It was with a great big smile on all our faces that we all came back together this week. In humanities, we have made some illustrated maps of Wales and learnt the compass points in Welsh.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 8th March.

Pupils have been set the tasks of researching why Welsh people wanted to set up a colony in Patagonia. They used some websites to help with their research and have presented findings in a webpage using Adobe Spark Page. Please click on the links below to see their work.

Answering the key question from our humanities study on Patagonia: Why did some people want to set up a Welsh colony outside Wales?

Pupils have made a graph of rainfall in Wrexham, Wales and Gaiman, Patagonia. More comparisons to follow soon.

Establishing a strong pupil voice is important to us. Following our discovery lessons in Yr 5 & 6, we have been asking pupils to fill in a questionnaire and question generator (Jess Glenn-Batchelor) to gather their ideas for study in our topic - Patagonia and North Wales.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 1st March.

Pupils have been for a walk to find human features in their locality. They have used Digimap for Schools to show the route they took and labelled where they found the human features.

We used this video to learn how mountains are formed. Then pupils created posters to explain the process.

A Key Stage 2 overview of the geography of mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes.

We have been learning how mountains are formed this week. Some amazing work away from the computer has been completed.

Pupils have been explaining their reading habits and asking other people about theirs for World Book Day.

Humanities work - identifying physical features in North Wales.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi

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What Wales means to me.

Here is our Spring Term overview for our new Patagonia topic.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 22nd February.

Learning where important features are in Wales and learning the layers that make up where we live.

Introduction to Patagonia and learning which countries are in South America.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 8th February.

WW2 Audio story

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Gethin reading his story.

A range of work from this week. A reflection of our WW2 topic and other work.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 1st February.

World War Two Chronology task - pupils made notes on major events during the war and then made their own timelines. This work is fantastic!!

Our artwork based on Frida Kahlo. I'm sure you will agree that we have some excellent artists in school.

Working on reflection of shapes in a mirror line - pupils really enjoyed this work and have been neat and accurate.

English writing. Pupils have been using a WAGOLL as a guide to writing their own story setting. More writing to follow next week.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 25th January.

We are so proud of the home learning that is taking place in Years 5 & 6!

This week in Art we have been completing a whole school lesson based on the work of Henri Matisse. Here are some fabulous examples from our class.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen. We have been making cards and origami hearts to show people that we love them.

From their research pupils have made their own radio broadcast similar to Sir Anthony Eden to encourage men to join the Local Defence Volunteers.

Jess's radio broadcast

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Gethin's radio broadcast

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Eva's radio broadcast.

Rhys' radio broadcast.

Pupils have been using a range of primary and secondary sources of evidence to learn about the Local Defence Volunteers / Home Guard. They now know why it was set up and what kinds of jobs they had to do.

We have been writing letters and postcards whilst taking on the role of someone who is experiencing what life is like for evacuees.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 18th January.

School is not the same as usual without a class full of pupils; however they have been completing some fantastic home learning. Here are some examples of our Humanities work this week. We are so proud of our pupils.

First week of home learning. Pupils have learned the phases of the moon and how it was important in planning of the Normandy Landings during WW2.

Pupils have made Anderson Shelters at home and we tested them to see if they were fit for purpose! We tested to see if they were waterproof, windproof and bombproof. Most made it to the end of the day!

Making World War Two style biscuits with our rations.

Air raid practice - all run to the shelter!!

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We have been outside creating authentic contexts for learning. Pupils measured and marked out area of World War Two style gardens. They had to measure out space for an Anderson Shelter and vegetable patches.

Pupils have written some beautiful poems based on a night during the Blitz. They used figurative language well. I was very proud of their work!

We have had a wonderful day experiencing life working for the Women's Land Army. Thank you to Magic Door Education for providing authentic learning experience for out pupils.

We have been using real data based on the Blitz to work out safe places in Wales for children to be evacuated to. North Wales was safer than South. Gresford had two bombs land: killing nine people and injuring several others.

Beautiful artwork based on the Blitz.

We were given 240 trees by the Woodland Trust to plant at school so we have all been very busy today!!

Continuing our WW2 topic. Pupils have been making Dig for Victory posters in the Welsh language.

We have had a great outdoor day! The children have work so hard to make our outdoor areas tidier and thoroughly deserved their hot chocolate and marshmallows around the camp fire!

Diwrnod Su'mae - pupils preparing some bunting for our display work.

Gresford War Nursery - The Picture found on used to complete a local enquiry on World War Two in our local village.

We have completed a local enquiry into a photo found online. Pupil made deductions from what they could see, wrote questions about it and finally researched to find out what was happening.

Some of the non-chronological reports that year 6 have been working on in literacy lessons. Super proud of the pupils!!

Evacuees - today we mapped the journey of some evacuees using Digimap for Schools. Pupils used labels to describe the evacuee’s experiences.

Investigating how shadows changes throughout the day. We used concept cartoons to start our discussions for the testing.

World War Two. We were fortunate to be in school on the 3rd of September, which happened to the be the same date that Britain and France declared war on Germany for invading Poland. We listened to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's speech and following guidance and rules from the government. We noted similarities and differences between these rules and the rules of lockdown in 2020.

Autumn Term 2020 - Please take a look at our overview for this term. We are excited to be learning about a new topic in Yr 6.

Week commencing 29th June - 17th July 2020

Visit Snowdonia.... but not yet!

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Week Commencing Monday 11th May

An open letter to Wrexham Council.

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Another fabulous example of pupils working hard at home during school closure.

An open letter to the Welsh Assembly about Climate Change

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Fabulous work by a Year 6 pupil whilst working at home. We are very proud of her!!

Pupils looking at the largest contributors to climate change. Which is the worst?

Our Nandos homework for the Spring Term.

Evie’s work showing the effect of greenhouse gases on Earth

Some of the class went to visit Mrs Wright’s class. They read the stories they had written to the Year 1 and 2 children.

In dance we have been learning to do the Haka.

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Tymor Gwanwyn

Reducing Carbon Footprint

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Pupils explain ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

Collaborative working with electrical circuits.

Personification poem

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Ruthin Gaol

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Childrens' Adobe Spark Video
Illustration of Children playing infront of All Saints School building

With respect, friendship and care, we learn here and succeed anywhere.