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As part of Money Week, the children enjoyed using persuasive techniques to create their own advertisement for a product of their choice.

We were very lucky to have Simon and Andy from Nationwide join us this morning to help reinforce different ways of banking and the importance of keeping our money safe.

Today we have been looking at the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods. The children then worked together looking at someone's income and expenditure and decided how they should use debit and credit cards.

As part of our 'Money Week' this week we have been learning about debit cards and how to use them safely.

Brilliant work from our Digital Champions delivering Flipgrid training to the rest of the class in preparation for recording our transmissions from Mars.

The Year 5 children have been working hard using the Keynote app to make a timeline of Queen Elizabeth II's life

Lovely to see the class taking the Year 3 and 4 children on a pilgrimage of All Saints' Church this afternoon using their Thinglink tour.

The children have been using Thinglink to create their tour of the church. They will now be assessing their work and deciding how they can improve their pilgrimage of the church.

This afternoon we have been learning more about the special and unique features of All Saints' Church. We are going to use this information we have learnt to create a tour of the church for younger children.

The second Technocamps workshop gave the children the opportunity to build their own robots and use the Crumble computer system to see if their robot could travel on a journey.

This week the children have enjoyed two different workshops delivered by Technocamps. The first workshop focused on using the Edison robots and using computer systems to program to robots to follow directions.

We enjoyed using Now Press Play for our 'Mission to Mars'experience. We have learned lots about Neil Armstrong, NASA, gravitational pull and meteorites. 🚀

This afternoon we have been using Now Press Play to learn all about evolution and adaptation. Now Press Play is an immersive audio resource designed to engage children through sound, story and movement.

This afternoon the children have been exploring how life would be in a refugee camp and thought about what all humans need to survive. Taking inspiration from illustrations by Kate Evans and Oliver Kugler, the children have worked with collage to develop symbols for an infographic to communicate these needs.

It was very interesting to listen to Robert Swan live from Antarctica this afternoon. Robert was the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles.

The children have been creating their own bus timetables today. It was great to see them using the clocks to develop their ability to switch between digital and analogue times.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Technocamps workshop with Will and have shown a great understanding of coding using Scratch. They used their skills to create the Solar System. ☀️ 🌍

Following all the excellent work that has taken place in planning and preparing for the F1 competition, the teams are ready for Race Day! 🏁

Following the hard work the children put into their F1 project this morning, it was great to get outside for PE.

The children have been continuing their work on the F1 project this morning. They have been finishing off their PowerPoint, planning their oracy presentation to the judges and making any final modifications to their cars.

The children have been studying The Magic Box poem written by Kit Wright. They have then written their own version from a Refugee's perspective. What do you think?

The children have been working hard on showing this half term's value of courage. They have also been thinking about their aspirations for this term as well as their wishes linked to our learning on Refugees.

The children have enjoyed taking part in Wrexham’s virtual athletics competition. The results have been collected and entered into the competition. Fingers crossed! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ 🎾

Following our visit from Refugee Kindness the children have been researching the charity to find out more information. They have then used this information to create some fantastic advertising posters. What do you think?

The children have been learning about the country of Syria 🇸🇾 and looking at images prior to the war. They have then used these images to generate ideas for the poem they are going to write next week from the perspective of a refugee.

Pupils have been really challenging themselves with these converting measures tri-jigsaws.

We had a visit from a charity called Refugee Kindness today. Rokaya came from war torn Syria via Lebanon. She has relied on the charity to help her set up home here in Wrexham. Pupils will use the knowledge they have gained to help with their work on Important journeys.

We have been learning about how virus spread. We did an investigation to show the importance of washing our hands. This gave the children a great understanding of how easily germs can spread! 🦠

We have been learning about micro-organisms this week and the journey of Covid. Today we have been researching famous scientists.

We have been working with PC Stu this afternoon to discuss bullying and cyber-bullying. We shared lots of great advice with each other to ensure we are all safe online and know how to deal with any unkindness shown.

Groups have continued their F1 project this afternoon. Teams have completed the building of their chassis and engine housing. They have also been learning about aerodynamics and have started to design the body of their car.

The children have enjoyed reading Refugees by Brian Bilston. They read the poem and annotated with their thoughts and feelings. They were then amazing to find that you could read it from bottom to top to change the meaning of the poem!

Our first discovery afternoon for our new topic of Journeys! The children had time limits on different decisions they might have to make as a refugee. They had to decide on 6 items they would take if they have to leave home quickly. This activity challenged the children and forced them to think about the tough choices and decisions refugees have to make!

On Monday 24th January, we will be starting our new 'Teithiau Pwysig' topic.

Following our ‘Helpiwch Ein Byd’ topic, we have been using explosion books to showcase our learning. We hope you like them

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The children have been writing and editing letters to Mr Hatwood this week about Climate Change. After completing their drafts copies, they wrote them out in neat.

This morning we have started our STEM project ‘Formula 1 in Schools’. Over the coming weeks we will be working on Mondays to design a car that we will race in a school championship. The winners will then go on to regional finals and then nationals.

We had a special visitor during our carol singing practise this afternoon! Santa loved it!! 🎅 🎶

We have been on a walk to visit our ‘Wonder of Gresford’, the Colliers Park training facility. The children have been working on their mapping skills to identify risks that we might face on our journey to and from Colliers Park. They thoroughly enjoyed the wet and muddy walk back through the fields!

In Literacy, we have been thinking about what we can do to make our school ‘greener’. We will use these ideas and back them up with data / evidence when writing letters to the school’s eco-council.

We have been learning how to write in the past tense in our Welsh lessons.

The children loved playing rock, paper, scissors in PE. It’s a great warm up activity, but the children wanted to carry it on for the whole lesson!

In RE we have been discussing the Ten Commandments and how ‘Thou shall not kill’ relates to us mistreating our planet. In groups, we have worked together to create our own Ten Commandments to repair God’s world.

With it being the start of ‘Advent’ we have been looking at what advent means and researching more about it. We have also read the story ‘Refuge’ all about Mary and Joseph’s journey. We discussed the emotions Mary, Joseph and the donkey would have felt at various parts of their journey. The children then created some excellent emotion lines graphs to share their thoughts.

In English the children have been improving their sentence structure and identifying emotive language in preparation for writing letters to the eco-council to persuade them to reduce the school’s carbon footprint.

The children have been watching the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. They worked in groups to create an info sheet about the different effects climate change has around different parts of the world 🌍

PC Stu visited us this week and delivered an anti-bullying workshop.

In Literacy, the children have been discussing their class book ‘The Last Bear’. They have worked in partners to use repetition for effect in their writing. 📖 🐻

The children really enjoyed using the glockenspiels in music yesterday. Our ‘Livin on a Prayer’ unit in music is a hit with the children and they have really enjoyed learning the song 🎵 🎶

Children living their introduction into badminton. 🏸

The children have enjoyed planning their investigation to test different filter papers. Looking forward to completing the investigation now.

Year 5 had a fantastic day at Dangerpoint in Talacre learning all about how to be safe at home and in the wider community.

We sent out a questionnaire to parents to find out their thoughts and feelings about the proposed housing development at Maes y Pant Quarry. The children have been analysing the results and creating their own infographic.

The children have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to plan, write, assess, edit and re-draft their balanced arguments about the proposed plans to building a new housing estate at Maes y Pant Quarry. Here are a few examples. I'm sure you'll all agree that they are fantastic!

This children have been sharing their previous learning about solids, liquids and gases. They have discussed grouping objects, properties of materials, how to separate mixtures and how state of matter changes. The work completed and the discussions held will inform future planning of lessons.

Here is a copy of our overview for the Climate Change topic we are completing this term.

We have been learning about states of matter in Science. The children took on the role of particles to help identify the differences between solids, liquids and gases.

Our Celebration Assembly on a Friday has changed slightly now as our certificates are all linked to the 4 purposes of the new curriculum. We now have different characters that represent the difficult skills and traits that we hope our pupils will aim towards. Each week four children will receive a certificate - one child for each of the 4 purposes.

Our children are really enjoying a virtual visit from Hannah Gold this morning. They have some fantastic questions that are really going to challenge Hannah. #futureauthors

We have been working hard to improve our movement and control in PE.

We visited the quarry again this afternoon to carry out some fieldwork on measuring the circumference of different trees. This will really help with work later on in the week when we dicuss why trees are important to the environment.

We visited Maes y Pant Quarry to get a feel for the size of the proposed development. Our challenge was to calculate the amount of trees that would need to be cut down. The children measured three 100m squared areas, counted the amount of trees in those areas and then calculated the average. The proposed housing development will us a 200,000m squared area, so the children multiplied their average by 2 and then again by 1000 to find the approximate number of trees that will be destroyed. It was shocking to find that around 20,000 trees would be cut down.

The class then worked together to share their ideas. They also thought of any questions that they would want answering by the planning department or the building company. The finally task was to think of any deals that could be agreed if the housing development got the go ahead.

The children wrote down their initial thoughts when they found out the news. The majority of the views were extremely negative. However, there were some arguments for the development to go ahead.

Helpiwch Ein Byd - We have made a great start to our Helpiwch Ein Byd (Help Our World) topic this week. We received a letter explaining that there are plans to build a new housing development on Maes y Pant Quarry and a plan of the estate.

Whilst at Colliers Park the children measured the dimensions of the pitch. They then calculated the area and perimeter of different sections.

The children enjoyed thinking of a focus for their Drift Walk. These were then put into a hat and picked at random. It was lovely to give the children a real purpose to their walk.

The children have completed lots of fieldwork during our '12 Wonders of Gresford' work this week. They have sketched some excellent maps showing our local area and then thought about the possible risks for our journey to Colliers Park. A map was then annotated with these potential dangers and hazards. Following their walk to and from Colliers Park, the children used a Venn diagram to identify similarities and differences.

We have had a great afternoon at Colliers Park. Thank you to Lucy and Dylan for giving us a brilliant tour of the facilities!

The children have worked hard to design and complete their own risk assessment in preparation for our walk to and from Colliers Park. We then chose two different routes and compared the similarities and differences. The route down the footpaths and through the fields was definitely a better option than the one along Chester Road.

It’s been a delight working with Dr Paula Owens as part of our ‘Twelve Wonders of Gresford’ project this week! We have been creating sketch maps of our local area.

We hope you enjoy watching our Horrible Histories videos! We had a great time making them.

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26th May - Children have loved planning and filming their own Horrible Histories episode based on the journey to Patagonia on-board the Mimosa. Some great acting on show!

25th May - Perfect weather this afternoon for the Year 5 and 6 sponsored walk. A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to help using continue our outdoor improvements.

25th May - Years 5 and 6 enjoyed listening to Joe and Ellie who explained how 'working with numbers' was so important in their roles at The Office For National Statistics.

The children have worked incredibly hard throughout the writing process to create these amazing diary entries from the Mimosa. They have planned, drafted, edited and improved their work before publishing their final piece. Super work 💪

Today we had a visit from artist Chris Gilbert who worked with us on drawing pictures of what our school means to us.

The children have been busy researching and mapping out physical features of Patagonia!

The children have enjoyed working in groups in Science to plan and carry out their own investigations to help prove what plants need to grow well.

We enjoyed a game of box rounders in the glorious sunshine!

The children have been working hard on their Saesneg lessons to write a diary entry from on board the Mimosa. Over the last couple of days, they have been editing and improving their work and are now publishing their final piece.

The children enjoyed taking part in PE this morning. The bad weather didn’t stop us from having fun!

Welsh on the move! The children enjoyed having a relay race to write down a Welsh conversation. A great way to improve reading, memory, oracy and writing skills!

Some lovely examples of the children's work on the parts of a plant. 🪴

Here are some more photos of the children, enjoying Outdoor Learning Day Last week!

We have been learning all about the parts of a plant and their functions. The children really enjoyed dissecting tulips to help them!

The children have been comparing the journey to Patagonia in 1865 to how they would travel nowadays. They have used various different websites to find the best prices and used their Maths skills to calculate the total cost, distance and time taken. Some children even phoned the local taxi rank to book taxis to the airport!

We've had a lovely outdoor day today covering many areas of the curriculum. More importantly, lots of sunshine and laughter to improve our well-being at the end of a busy week!

The children yesterday during Topic, started planning a trip to Patagonia. They worked in pairs to research and collate their findings using ICT skills and their books. Some of the children even spoke with some taxi companies to find out prices!

Children have been working in their pairs to create Classifying Animals quizzes on Microsoft Forms. They were excellent at picking up another platform to use to enhance their ICT skills.

The children enjoyed drawing their own versions of the Mimosa Ship last week in their expressive arts lesson. We have some fantastic artists in year 5! Here are just a few examples.

We've been developing the skill of drawing maps in our humanities lesson. Today we focused on drawing a meaningful sketch map. We started with our houses in the centre and then added places that were important to us during lockdown. Finally, we added the reasons why. We couldn't resist the lovely weather so we took the whiteboard outside and sketched on the playground instead of in the classroom!

To help us with our plants and animals work in Science, we had some baby tadpoles arrive today. Really looking forward to seeing them grow and go through metamorphosis over the next few weeks.

In Science this week we have been learning all about classifying animals. The children worked in pairs to research an animal group and then used Jamboard to present their findings.

The children have had a great time learning about scooter safety and taking part in activities to improve their control.

Helpwr Heddiw - children enjoyed playing games and using the matiau iaith to revise their Welsh language.

This afternoon, we have been helping any children who haven’t been able to celebrate their birthday this term with one big party!

As part of our Health and Wellbeing Friday, we went on a ‘Green Walk’ around Gresford. The children were set the challenge of spotting anything green on their route.

We have enjoyed working on our times tables this week. The children played iPad games, took part in a treasure hunt and learned a new game to help improve their rapid recall of facts.

In Science this week, we have completed different tasks to identify our prior knowledge about classifying different plants and animals. We will use this to help plan our lessons for the unit of work.

The children have created some amazing maps of Wales which identify the human and physical features.

We have enjoyed learning the compass points in Welsh to help describe the location of Wales and Patagonia.

Great to have a full class again and lovely to see them working collaboratively on their maps of Wales. They were tasked with identifying and locating physical and human features of Wales as well as different towns and cities.

The children have used their initial findings about 'Why the Welsh people wanted to set up a colony in Patagonia?' to start creating their own websites using Adobe Spark. Here are some fantastic examples. 

In our Patagonia lessons we have been drawing line graphs to compare the annual rainfall in Wrexham to Gaiman in Patagonia. Look at the difference!

Pupil Voice is very important to us when planning our lessons. The pupils have had an opportunity to share their opinions about what we should learn and how we should learn it. As part of the process they were asked to complete a question generator. They have thought of some fantastic questions to help lead our learning.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 8th March.

World Book Day 2021 - The second task was to choose a book for the Foundation Phase children to enjoy and 'make it come alive!'

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World Book Day 2021 - The second task was to choose a book for the Foundation Phase children to enjoy and 'make it come alive!'

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World Book Day 2021 - the children were set a couple of reading challenges today. First of all, they had to find an extreme, unusual or funny place to read their book!

The children have been researching how the different types of mountains are formed. They then chose how they would like to present their findings.

The children have been researching how the different types of mountains are formed. They then chose how they would like to present their findings.

Continuing their topic work, the children have been able to map a walk that they have been on around their local area. They have then attached photographs of the human features that they saw on their journey.

We have been working hard to improve our map reading skills this week. We have used a map of North Wales to identify and label the physical features.

In Science we are hoping to compare daily rainfall in Gresford with Trelew in Patagonia. The children have made their own rainfall gauges and planted them in their gardens ready to collect the data. Fingers crossed for some rain!

St David's Day 2021 - For St David's Day this year the pupils have been thinking about what Wales means to them and why they love being Welsh!

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 1st March.

We have been learning about the layers of where they live. They have started with their street, village, town and county and then moved out to country, continent and hemisphere.

Very impressed with Year 5's versions of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' painting.

This week we are having some discovery lessons to launch our new Humanities topic: Comparing North Wales and Patagonia. Following these lessons we will seek pupil voice to determine the direction of our learning. Pupils have labelled a map of South America. They also used a 3-2-1 exercise to reflect on what they have learned in the lesson. Pupils already have some interesting questions to research.

Great to see so many pupils (and pets) being so active during our latest PE session on Power and Control. Huge thanks to GEM Sports for planning this excellent online resource.

In Maths this week we have been working on our problem solving and reasoning skills using Gareth Metcalfe's amazing 'Maths Outside The Box' resources.

Here is our Spring Term overview for our new Patagonia topic.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 22nd February.

A Reflection of our WW2 Learning

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The end of the half term see the end of our WW2 topic. The children have been reflecting on their own learning during the topic and have presented their knowledge and skills using their chosen method.

WW2 Dilemma Stories

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This week the children have been building up to write their own story openings for their WW2 Dilemma stories. They have used a WAGOLL to write each paragraph and then decided how they wanted to present the final version.

WW2 Dilemma Stories

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This week the children have been building up to write their own story openings for their WW2 Dilemma stories. They have used a WAGOLL to write each paragraph and then decided how they wanted to present the final version.

In Art we have been exploring the works of Banksy. Here are a couple of really effective pieces of artwork that have been produced in Banksy's style.

In PE we have been developing our hand-eye co-ordination skills. We also took part in a cryptic treasure hunt!

The focus in Maths this week has been on angles: measuring angles with a protractor, calculating missing angles on a straight line, calculating missing angles around a point and calculating angles in triangles and quadrilaterals.

Here is the overview of planned lessons for the week commencing Monday 8th February.

We have had a history focus in our WW2 lessons this week. The children have been researching important dates and facts from the war and have presented them in chronological order on a timeline. They have been given the freedom to decide how they would like to present their work. Some lovely ideas!