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Blwyddyn 4 - Dosbarth Swansea - Mrs Shelmerdine

Today we have been learning about the Jewish ritual of Shabbat. The children have taken part in all of the key elements and created their own map of Shabbat. Excellent work everyone! 👏🏼😊👏🏼

🪞 In today’s science lesson we investigated reflections. 🪞 The children had to read mirror writing to find out secret messages and then had a go at writing their own. They navigated a simple maze by looking just at the reflection of their hand - much harder than it looks! They also looked at a range of materials to see what reflected and what didn’t. Finally they looked into hinged mirrors and investigated the difference the angle made to the number of reflections! So much super science learning going on! Da iawn pawb! 😁👍🏻

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. In class we learned about how to stay safe when playing online games. The children now know how to report and block users and take screenshots as evidence to show trusted adults. We also talked about what cyber bullying is and how to avoid it. Great work everyone! 👏🏼😁

We have been busy painting our clay love spoons today with some very pleasing results! These will be coming home tomorrow and so that they have the best chance of making it in one piece, could I ask that you send in a suitable tub with some padding for your child’s spoon. Something like a takeaway tub is perfect for the shorter spoons for example. Diolch! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

This week in our science lesson we have looked at how objects reflect light. We took a dark journey into the hall where we investigated which samples on the wall showed up best in the near dark and which showed up best in torch light. We were able to see how different coat materials reacted to the torch light too. Great work everyone! 🔦

In our Science lesson today the children have been investigating light and dark. They placed five objects under a box and then investigated what happened when holes were put in the box and looked through. They experimented with different amounts and positions of holes and then added a torch to see the difference it made. They have learned that darkness is the absence of light, that we need light to see and that light travels in straight lines. Brilliant work Year 4. 🔦💡😁

As part of our Humanities work, the children have been doing their own research about dates and number facts to do with the wives of Henry VIII using a variety of resources. They used the information they found to create their own databases on Excel and have written simple formulas to calculate numbers of years. They have also thought about presenting their work clearly and used a range of formats to do so with some very professional results. Da iawn pawb! 👏🏼

In readiness for 💕Dydd Santes Dwynwen tomorrow, the children have been looking at the meaning of the different symbols on a Welsh love spoon and designing their own. This afternoon they made them out of clay using a range of tools and techniques. Once they are dry, we are going to paint them ready for the children to give them to someone they love! 🥰

We had a great time at DangerPoint today. The children have come away with an enormous amount of new knowledge that will help keep them safe and aware of potential dangers around them. ⚠️😁

This morning we have taken our maths lesson outside to practice our addition of money skills in a Tudor food shop. Great maths skills everyone! 👍🏻

Our trip to Chester Zoo! We had a fantastic day at Chester Zoo!

In our RE lesson today we imagined a new world and the rights we would like everyone to have to ensure happy and safe lives. The ideas the children had were amazing and so well thought out! They were surprised to find out that their own ideas often matched the actual human rights which we looked at afterwards. Well done Year 4 what a kind and thoughtful class you are. 🥰

Our final zoo workshop today and what a lot we have learned! The children have practiced checking labels for sustainable palm oil and have played a game with shocking results! 😲 The message of avoiding non sustainable palm oil has really sunk in today when the impact was clearly explained. They finished the session with a quiz and did brilliantly! We are certainly very excited about our zoo visit now! 🦧

We managed to walk to our wonder, Blackie’s Bridge before the rain set in this morning! The children worked in small teams to spot certain things along the way and were shocked to see some of the evidence of the storm damage. They have been able to answer some of the questions they came up with yesterday and used super maths skills when estimating and measuring. Da iawn pawb! 😁

Our second zoo workshop really challenged our opinions today! We found out that Cadburys do not use sustainable palm oil in their products and we learned about the impact this has on the rainforests and animals. Don’t be surprised if your child deliberately chooses not to have Cadbury chocolate anymore! Chester Zoo have a list on their website of products that do use sustainable palm oil, you can have a look to find out more.

A super first workshop from Chester Zoo today! We learned more about the layers of the rainforests, some more facts about the creatures that live there and lots about palm oil! The children got to have a look at some amazing artefacts and finished with a song too! 😁

The children have been discussing the food chain in lessons.

This week the children have done lots of activities to learn about Remembrance Day including reading comprehension, artwork and a word search. They have also been reading a selection of poems about Remembrance and have put them into a performance for you to see.

We had a lovely time in the outdoor classroom today exploring different habitats. We were lucky enough to spot a hedgehog, a squirrel, frogs, slugs, snails, ladybirds, woodlice, ants...the list goes on. I didn’t get chance to take any photos as I was busy making hot chocolate and s’mores but luckily the children did! Here are some of their fantastic photos of their findings! 🦔🐌🐞🐜🕷🐿

What hard work we have done this morning! 🤩 25 fantastic biographies written on Roald Dahl’s favourite yellow paper.

In our Health and WellBeing lesson we have started an investigation to find out which drink is the healthiest for our teeth. We are leaving the drinks over the weekend and are all excited to see the results on Monday! 🦷😁

The children enjoyed their puncture repair session with Hannah, our Active Travel Representative today. Hopefully, they will all be able to repair a puncture with just a little bit of support now. Great work pawb! 🚲👏🏻😁

In our science lesson today we have looked at the digestive system and the functions of the organs. I wonder if your child can talk you through the process at home? Perhaps best avoid tea time though! 🤢😂

In our RE lesson this morning we looked at the parable of the The Good Samaritan and thought about the lesson it teaches us and how we can lend a helping hand to help make things better. Da iawn Blwyddyn Pedwar for such kind and thoughtful responses! 🥰

Today we have been using our welsh to give opinions about different types of chocolate. The children have been working especially hard to extend their spoken and written work. Da iawn pawb! 🤩

Today in our art lesson, we have explored graphic writing and come up with some designs for chocolate bar packaging. 🍫 Great work Year 4

In our Science lessons up to half term, we will be looking at the Human Body. We started today by researching the functions of the major organs. The children used information texts, QR codes and the internet to do their own research and what a great job they did of it!

Our Harvest Poems!

Today we have had a go at adding the glockenspiel to the song we learnt to sing last week. Finding the right notes at the right time was a challenge but we are working hard to polish the performance in coming weeks.

Today in our science lesson we have been looking at change of state. The children have been doing their own diagrams to show what happens using scientific language.

Excellent work in RE this morning as we thought about the lessons we can take from the story of David and Goliath. The children used their maths skills to calculate and measure a 9ft Goliath and considered the values David showed as he selected his five stones.

This afternoon we have been building on our knowledge from Cadbury World to find out how cocoa beans are harvested.

Our trip to Cadbury World. The children had a fantastic time visiting Cadbury World!

Just in case we weren’t already excited enough, we have been in the ICT Suite this afternoon to research the Cadbury World website. In the coming weeks we will be attempting to create a website of our own!

Super science work today as we investigated which type of chocolate would be the best for Prince Pondicherry’s Palace.

The children this afternoon have been celebrating Roald Dahl Day by taking part in a range of activities based on three different books by Roald Dahl. They have read an extract of the BFG and designed their own dream jar, read part of George’s Marvellous Medicine and concocted their own marvellous chocolates and finally enjoyed making revolting beards based on the story Twits.

Today in our RE lesson, we have been looking at the Ten Commandments. The children have ranked them following group discussions and talked about what they would add or change if they could….some very insightful ideas showing a very caring and mature attitude.

In science we will e learning about solids, liquids and gases and change of state. This week the children carried out six mini investigations and discussed their findings in small groups. They have generated lots of scientific questions we will be aiming to answer in the coming weeks.

Yesterday the children enjoyed taking part in ‘Make some noise!’ A music workshop provided by Wrexham Music Cooperative.

This week in maths we have been working on place values. The children have been working very hard to be able to explain their answers.

The children really enjoyed the chocolate tasting session we did and thought carefully about the appearance, texture and taste of each sample. Our results showed that Cadbury Twirl was the overall winner for our class. The children were able to find out information from the table of results and a bar graph in their work. They also came up with their own questions about chocolate which we will be finding out the answers to it in the coming weeks.

The children have settled back brilliantly! They have been doing some ‘getting to know each other’ activities and working on a set of classroom rules.

This week, the children have been investigating forces of magnets through a range of explorative activities.

All of Year 4 enjoyed their sponsored walk this week to raise money for our school!

In our Health and Well-being lessons we have been looking at ‘Getting on and falling out’. To start our lesson this week we shared a story about friendship and gave each other ‘friendship tokens’ by saying kind things. Later on we did some team work activities that involved keeping feet on the line and ordering the group by shoe size then height. Finally we had a go at guiding each other through a maze whilst blindfolded. All a lot more challenging than it looks but what a brilliant job they all did! Great teamwork!

Absolutely blown away by the work we did on tsunamis this week! Such sensible and sensitive attitudes to the video clips we watched and excellent listening skills which has resulted in detailed and well presented work.

The final two activities saw the children designing and making Lego structures that would withstand an earthquake and learning about where in the World an earthquake is most likely to happen.

The next activity showed the children how tectonic plates move against, away from or into each other to cause an earthquake. The children used crackers as the tectonic plates and icing as the mantle to recreate earthquakes. They looked at pictures of the landforms that are caused by the different types of earthquakes.

Where have year 4 gone? Look carefully and you can see that we have been learning what to do in the event of an earthquake. The children had four different activities to help them understand earthquakes. The first was to understand how the magnitude of an earthquake is measured. The children were surprised to find out just how many earthquakes there actually are and the devastating impact they can have.

This week in Expressive Arts lesson we have been exploring perspective. We started by taking photos at different distances from the camera to understand how distance affects size in landscapes. Next we had a go at drawing a simple landscape starting with the horizon line and building up to adding colour.

We had a very special visit from artist Chris Gilbert on Wednesday morning who worked with all our pupils to design and make a mosaic to go up in the reception of school. The children have all submitted design ideas which Chris will look at and use in the final design. We will be having a second visit from Chris soon to help make the exciting!

In Expressive Arts lessons, Year 4 children have been looking closely at landscapes by famous artists. They have worked collaboratively to recrate them using oil pastels.

This week, the children have composed their own piece of music to portray a natural disaster!

Our Humanities topic this term is Extreme Earth. We have started by looking at the hottest and coldest places in the world and creating our own heat maps using water colour paints.

As it is Wales Outdoor Learning Week, we took our English, Maths, Welsh and Music lessons outside this week!

In our RE lessons, the children have been learning about the messages in the Easter Story. They carried out activities about hope, saying sorry and suffering before reflecting on how these messages can help us in our everyday lives.

To conclude our Roman topic, the children used a range of dried foods to mimic the natural colours used by the Romans to create their own mosaics.

Another week of super work from Year 4! Da iawn pawb for all your hard work!

A fantastic week of home learning from Year 4 focussing on Roman performance poetry, designing a Roman shoe and using hyperlinks in fact files.

Another week of fantastic home learning from Year 4. This week we have started looking at Romans!

We are so proud of the work our Year 4 pupils have been doing from home. This week we focussed on 'Our World' and the novel 'Storm'.

More amazing work from our Year 4 pupils! This week we have focussed on the Bible story, Noah's Ark. Da iawn pawb!

The work our pupils are doing at home continues to impress us! A super week of work on the novel 'Storm' and lots of activities based on Health and Well-Being.

We are incredibly proud of the work our pupils have been doing at home! Last week our activities were based around the weather. Here are just some of the amazing pieces of work that have been sent in.

More Outdoor Learning Week activities... Including clay critters using natural materials, den building, natural and plastic art and a litter pick project!

The children have taken part in orienteering activities during Outdoor Learning Week and enjoyed s'mores around the firepit.

We have been learning about states of matter in our Science and Technology lessons. We carried out six mini investigations, discussed and recorded our ideas.

In Year 4 the children have been writing poems about peace and remembrance. They have also painted pebbles with poppy designs which have been placed in the church memorial or have gone to Bellevue Park in Wrexham.

Outdoor fun! The girls had a football lesson with Gemma Owen from Wrexham AFC whilst the boys tried out a new game which they later taught to Year 3.

Our RE work on Special Places and All Saints' Church.

In our Science and Technology work we have been learning about types of plastic and investigating the strength of materials.

The Great Wave by Hokusai.

Tiger in the School

Still image for this video
Hello everyone!

We hope you’ve had a lovely Easter break. The plan for the next few weeks is to start a new learning pack called ‘There’s a Tiger in the School’. Take a look at the video below if you don’t believe us! There are some activities based on this theme which we would love you to share with us once you’ve completed them.

As always, we are available on Class Dojo or email at any time if you have any queries. We would also encourage you to continue:

Reading at home as much as possible
Learning your weekly spellings (these will be shared every Monday)
Completing the original learning pack if you wish

Keep in touch, it’s great to see what you’ve all been up to.

Many thanks and take care,

Mrs Mort, Mrs Coombes and Mrs Shelmerdine

Here is the link to the Home Learning Pack should you have difficulty accessing it on Hwb... › images › homepage › My_Activity_Book_Yrs_7_11


Thanks, from Year 3 & 4 Staff.

Not long now until our Tudor Experience day with ‘Real History Alive’! 

There are a few permission slips that I’m still waiting for, in case you have lost the letter, I will resend them home tomorrow with the children who need them. Thanks. 😃


The children had a very interesting lesson about the human digestive system from Miss Jarrett this week. 

Thankfully the children had strong stomachs and we didn’t see the live version of the digestive system in reverse.... just!! 🤢😂








As part of our science work, the children have been using their measuring skills to find out if it is I boys or girls who have the largest craniums and femurs. They collected their measurements and used the ICT suite to input the data and then used a formula to calculate the average. I was very pleased with the facts they came up with when independently analysing the data. Very impressive Year 4!!!




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With respect, friendship and care, we learn here and succeed anywhere.